October 22, 2015

About us


We are two Arabic language and culture professors who are passionate about teaching and thus we rather consider ourselves facilitators of the learning process. Our passion was shaped by our long and rich experience in instruction, material development, assessment and textbook writing. ARABIYYAAT was created to be the to-go-source for professionals, educators, instructors and learners of Arabic language. Currently, ARABIYYAAT offers materials in Modern Standard Arabic, spoken dialects and Arab culture. Our philosophy of teaching underscores:

  • Emphasis on vocabulary building and avoids excessive detailed grammar explanations;
  • Offering actual conversational situations where clear production of the language is needed;
  • Usage of appealing extracurricular activities and selected textbook materials in various fashions;
  • A clear and careful organization and understanding of the targeted themes and topics;
  • Allowance flexibility on the part of the learner to change the color of the language costume being taught by a master of taste and creativity;
  • Constant encouragement to learners and providing a highly warm academic environment.
  • The importance of presenting excellent pronunciation, language structure, and other meaningful information;
  • Adaptability of instructional materials to online format