November 2, 2015

Popular Proverbs

Popular Proverbs: An Entrance to Palestinian Culture

Palestinian Proverbs focuses on common proverbs and their role in daily life and culture The central role of proverbs in daily speech originates from a universal reverence in Arab culture for language and especially poetry. The Arabic language has enjoyed a long tradition of both secular and religious poetry, beginning with the pre-Islamic Jahiliyya poets and continuing today in popular verse. Arabs everywhere take great pride in this tradition and in the Arabic language itself, a pride which is evident in the frequent usage of proverbs in literature, the media and every-day conversation. Given the integral role of proverbs in Palestinian life, and indeed throughout all Arab cultures, the study of such proverbs as used by Palestinians offers a unique perspective on the beliefs and values shared among all Arabs.

Popular Proverbs DVDAvailable with an interactive audio program that features over one thousand authentic readings of the proverbs included in the companion text. Ideal for students of Arabic looking for additional practice with the language.

Praise for Popular Proverbs

Jacob C. Burnett: As a beginning student of Arabic, I have found this book to be a delightful resource. In the classroom, the proverbs and Professor Isleem’s explanations of them provide a dimension of cultural depth to learning Arabic that inspires and motivates students far beyond the capacity of mundane verb tables or vocabulary lists. The proverbs are by turn amusing, insightful, and profound in their own right, but also serve as gateway to the wider world of Arab popular thought. Popular Proverbs deserves a welcome home on the bookshelf of any student of Arabic, from beginner to expert.