October 6, 2015

Hakini Arabi

HakiniArabi Hakini Arabi: Palestinian and Jordanian textbook series

Hakini Arabi: Palestinian and Jordanian Colloquial Arabic for Beginners is designed to provide students
with the tools they need to succeed in learning the spoken dialects of Palestine, Jordan, and the surrounding region.

By focusing on the three overreaching groups of dialectical variations- Jordanian, Palestinian Urban, and Palestinian/Jordanian Rural- of the Palestinian and Jordanian dialects, students will find that they are able to acquire the necessary skills to effectively communicate with Arabs not only in Palestine and Jordan but throughout the Middle East.

Finally, through implementation of recent second language acquisition theory and combining traditional teaching methodologies with more recent ones, the book aspires to develop the learners’ linguistic, communicative, and intercultural competences.

Download all the audio lesson files here.

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